Pastor Robert

After finishing his theology education and graduating from ICI Global University, Pastor Robert started his ministry in Iran and he continued his dream to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through his ministry, many heard the good news, accepted Christ into their lives and illnesses were healed.
Within 18 years of ministry, Pastor Robert experienced working with youths, young adults and adults from small home gatherings to big churches.
In the midst of hardships, difficulties and troubles, Pastor Robert kept his faith to Christ until the last minute of his ministry in Iran. Then a new chapter began with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He continued his ministry in the US among Assyrians and Persians having a vision to work among a new generation seeing every individual he encounters accepting Christ as their personal Savior. Pastor Robert’s calling is to serve God the Father by ministering to individuals and equip them with what they need to know in order to live a godly life, until the day that Jesus Christ returns in all His glory.